Friday 28 August 2015

Dimension from Route Centerlines

Quick tip today, running out of time. 

                This is more of a continuation of this post, where I’ve shown you how to use the trim/extend pipes in Tube and Pipe module of Autodesk Inventor. Because I was in a hurry and I needed to prove for fit the layout before jumping into detailing I have done the routes straight from the equipment without adding fittings first. In the image bellow, if you can’t remember the original post, I have connected the tank to the outlet of the container without adding flanges, or any other fittings and adapters that might be needed. I then added the fittings to the equipment and after measuring how much the pipe should be cut off I used trim on the route segments to generate proper length pipes.

                Sometimes when I am making drawings of pipes for manufacturing and quotes I feel it’s better to show them as shaded views and make each run in a different colour to better distinguish one from the other.

                The problem comes when I need to dimension isometric views and it’s hard to pick the end of the flange or fitting. You can change your selection filter to parts and then select the fitting and choose Hidden Lines. This will prompt you with a message but you can now pick the furthermost edge to dimension against.

Now you can turn off hidden lines and the dimension will persist but that might be too much work for some of you. So if you’re in a hurry like I was you can route without the fittings and then when you use “Include Route Centerlines” the dimensions of the route will be the overall dimensions with fittings in place.

                And that’s it...
                Short video as well.


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