Thursday 27 August 2015

Tube and Pipe mixed units

 This is really a question from a YouTube friend and I have no other way of answering with images and videos so I’ve decided to share it on a blog.

The question is how to use ASME pipes with ISO 7005 flanges?  Or better yet, how to create mixed styles, mixed units routes?

2 ways really and the second is more of a cheat that I don’t recommend since Autodesk has provided a solution that is working which is to use mixed units.

+Chris Benner has documented this really nice and you can check his blog here:

In short when you edit the style make sure you check the Mixed Units box and then you will be prompted to select a flange. The flange family needs to have dual units and you will notice just like in my case for the 7005-01 flange there are 2 nominal size columns, one in metric and one imperial and that’s how Inventor can use it in mixed units styles.

If you have a flange that has only one column as key with the sizes then you can add another column with its alternate unit.

The second one is a cheat and almost not worth mentioning but you can copy the family to your library and edit the key column values to its alternate units therefore it will be picked up by the TP style dialog. I bet it will take you just about same time to do it properly by adding a new column with its alternate units.


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