Wednesday 14 December 2016

RAL Library 2017

                Looking for RAL library? right place to be.

RAL library

                A while back I have posted a RAL appearance library and it’s been copied, shared, and spread all over, some crediting while others not but you can still identify your own work especially if you’ve done a mistake or two.

                While I don’t use it anymore I have been asked by colleagues on my previous company to see if I can migrate, update it to work with 2015 and now with 2017 so I’ve decided to share it once again for the greater good. Some people will take credit, not doubt about it but that’s life and not why we are here.

                Unfortunately it didn’t quite migrate as expected and I am seeing the colors a lot brighter in 2017 preview window almost as if they had self illumination, which I did check and it’s not.

Don’t be fooled by this, it’s only the preview thumbnails that have brighter aspects and the models will look right, and so the edit appearance window.

Small mismatch

                Use it as it is, good or bad it’s still better than renaming an existing color manually every time.

                This is especially useful in 2017 now that we can use the appearance as a reported property, in parts lists, bom, notes, etc.

                From the what’s new pages of AIP 2017

Appearance property
The model Appearance value is added as a selectable property. You can add the Appearance property to a bill of materials, or a parts list.

Appearance property

                While I can send the library and provided a detailed description on how to attach and use it, I feel it’s better if I just give you a part with all the appearances locally and you can copy it to your preferred library.

    Don’t you think so?

Almost forgot to share the link, that would have been useless ! 

Here is the 2017 part file.


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