Thursday 8 December 2016


                I am up! Are you?

that's me later in the day.

                It was a rare combination of things that got me awake and kept my mind going. I don’t have problem sleeping especially with the fatigue that has accumulated in the last years but it was a rare combination of things that got me awake and couldn’t force my mind to sleep again.

                The best thing to do now would probably head back to work and beat the commuting traffic but I doubt the access cards will work, powering up a complete building to allow a mad insomniac to check mails and detail pipe drawings.

                And while I was forcing myself to sleep, I got visited by the all-powerful and inspiring Muse which has whispered a couple of ideas and solutions that I didn’t thought possible.

                I bet you all experienced this, more than once. Once you start thinking about a problem, ideas tend to surface and then you find yourself flooded with solutions to all sort of problems for which you didn’t thought solutions could exist.

                Oh mighty Muse thank you for the ideas and please keep them coming, I am not complaining but I will have a terrible headache today at work and my productivity will surely be diminished.

                As if ~50 drafts were not enough, I figured what the hell, let me add another 10-15, typing on the phone leaning on my elbows; it’s not like I am busy and I have all the time in the world....NOT.

Are you there? Listening?

I got it! Really did it; I know how to create branch take offs with pipe cutbacks…

Noam, it’s doable and really simple you’ll see.

How, you ask?

A combination of empty branch fittings, cut-back iFeatures, and some routing tricks presented before, like pipe trim, etc. although normal routing should work, but it’s all in my mind.

What else?

                Cable trays and pipe supports created in Tube and Pipe. Why not? I bet you will agree with me on this one once you see the blog.

                Adaptive pipes, adaptive lengths; will try, not sure how that will work completely, might need another sleepless night. I am there 90% of the way. And why would you need this? Pipe supports again. You’ll see.

                I need to tell you how to author tapered threads fittings to a precise engagement distance.

                Creating rounded pipe lengths with the engagement option…

                Copying and pasting fittings, when I use it, how to remove them…

                Routing with non 90/45 deg elbows like 30 and 60 deg; this is actually done and tested by another internet friend and he accepted to share his results on my blog.

                Fixing the browser name of CC items and the long repulsive description for CC generated items; how about controlling how fittings are displayed in the tube and pipe style dialog when you browser for them.

                Couple of tricks with self-draining pipes and how I’ve created a balancing-suction pipe outlet between two vessels…
                But now, you’ll have to excuse me, I have some commuting to do before I prepare to meet my headache.

photo credit: Sheba_Also 11.5 Millon Views Not to night love I have a headache-1= (license)

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