Friday 10 March 2017

Hide TP Work Features

Concentrated shot on TP Work Features:

Tube and Pipe Routes will create a lot of work points for routing and workp lanes for constraining the route.

Those work points are created above the route sketch but inside the route part.

The route has work points / work planes and a 3D sketch where you define your path.

You can turn then off from within the main assembly or when editing the route but if you deleted those route segments as you do when you change route path then those workpoints and worplanes will become orphaned and can't be turned off except for my method shown here.

This is particularly annoying when using zoom all because Inventor will include these work features in the zoom operation instead of zooming to existing geometry.

Google has big issues getting the right size pictures and videos to show up.

if the next video si poor quality, try my screencast here:


Wednesday 8 March 2017



My name is Adrian and I am a WORKAHOLIC.

Now you should say:

Nice to meet you Adrian we are too...

I am busy to a ridiculous level, at the moment I wake up at 5AM and go to bed at 10PM or later and it’s pretty much all work and commuting.

+Paul Munford told me that’s why he got out of London but I am still stuck doing the commuting and I have to do it at weird times to keep it ~2 hours total for the day.

That leaves me not extra time, for you here, YouTube, Autodesk Forum, etc. which is not good and I will just have to adapt, adjust and reconsider my help.

From now on I will need to give you concentrated shots like espresso instead of the usual moka or pumpkin spiced skinny latte with marshmallows and whipped cream.

A short description, some screenshots and if I’m lucky, a video.