Wednesday 8 March 2017



My name is Adrian and I am a WORKAHOLIC.

Now you should say:

Nice to meet you Adrian we are too...

I am busy to a ridiculous level, at the moment I wake up at 5AM and go to bed at 10PM or later and it’s pretty much all work and commuting.

+Paul Munford told me that’s why he got out of London but I am still stuck doing the commuting and I have to do it at weird times to keep it ~2 hours total for the day.

That leaves me not extra time, for you here, YouTube, Autodesk Forum, etc. which is not good and I will just have to adapt, adjust and reconsider my help.

From now on I will need to give you concentrated shots like espresso instead of the usual moka or pumpkin spiced skinny latte with marshmallows and whipped cream.

A short description, some screenshots and if I’m lucky, a video.



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