Monday 22 May 2017


Not much is going on here at the moment in regards to blogging because I am over my head with work and various other bits that need attention.

However, I did stop by to share a link and give you something to read while I try to get on top of things.

As it happens Markus has contacted me just like most of you in regards to Inventor Tube and Pipe and couple of months later he has decided to follow my advice and share his wisdom and findings on all things, CAD.

He has just finished his first 3 parts post on CADSHIP and I urge you to take a look as I found it quite interesting.  Some will find the benefits and will probably investigate this further or just follow along with him on this but his first post is all about VR / AR, in particular about:

If you are native German speaking then you’ll fit right in, for the rest of us there’s a Translate button top right.

He is now working his way to an AR app... which no doubt will end up on his blog.