Monday 14 November 2016

3D Panoramic Renderings

Forget about everything you learned on my blog, forget about all the nice little tricks, the TP videos, and any ilogic code given here.

Phone Glasses

If you will take just one thing out of this blog is to get yourself a pair of virtual glasses, they can be the cheapest you can find, like the google cardboard, and do a 3D panoramic rendering of your cad plant room.

Have I mentioned that I have been working on this Glue360 high purity water treatment plant for a pharmaceutical company? That is a whole series of blogs on it’s own but essentially it’s like NavisWorks in the cloud. Each uploads it’s own model (electrical, mechanical, structural, etc.) and you can see it on the web on any device anywhere in the world.

So I grabbed myself a copy of the model and did a high quality 3D panoramic rendering. We have been blown away, and never thought it would be such a cost effective, pure marketing power, highly accessible solution.

I can’t share that with you because of contractual clauses but I will share a 3D picture which I took by installing Google Cardboard Camera from the Google Cardboard set of apps in android market.

This is my new way of taking pictures, and this one taken on RHS Wisley (Royal Horticultural Society) includes sound as well and you are immediately transposed in the scenery. Wisley is one of the best gardens I have visited and in the summer we go there almost every weekend. It’s close, convenient and perfect place for my son to burn out energy (hyperactive one).

GET A PAIR OF glasses and try it out. Head over to Renderings360 and try some shared by the users..

If you're into plant's, factories, building design then you will like this one; although it doesn't even come close to what my plant looks like. You can see that the models are simplified, like those from Plant 3D and that's another reason I like Inventor, the quality is incomparable.

It is such a powerful tool that I told all our engineers never to take photos from now on but take 3D photos of our plants. We sometimes need to do as built model updates and this is so much better.

They could buy a box on their way to client’s site meeting; I will send them a link to the 3D rendering which opens on the phone's web browser and they can have a really powerful tool for their presentation.

Marketing was all over me and in 2 days they bought couple of glasses and off they went for Lab Innovations exhibit in Birmingham.

Enough said, … go get them

Here is the Wisley image.


Thursday 10 November 2016

No news?

No news good news, right? Not in my case.

I haven’t diapered on some exotic island drinking coconut cocktails, in fact it was quite the opposite. I felt tired this year, more than usual and was wondering why that is and so I started looking for reasons.

While there could be others as well I stop looking when I found out that by the end of October we had almost 200% live contracts against last year. Cramming 2 years of work into a single one can be exhausting and to be honest I am not looking forward to next year if the trend maintains.

Furthermore (can’t help it) I stop and answer to all your emails, youtube and blog comments, inventor forum, personal messages as well as helping old colleagues.

Two week was special because we had Inventor Open Days, and I couldn’t miss that. What is that you ask? It’s when autodesk employees take a day off answering questions on the forum, but anyone can answer really. Thursday night I spent an extra couple of hours answering questions and trying to help them because on rare occasions like this you can get some really interesting questions and learn a lot.

In fact I saved a couple of posts that I really liked and intend to share them on the blog. Not stealing other people’s work but rather sharing them with those of you that don’t have time to read them all and would better subscribe to blogs like mine and get it as a concentrated pill.

As if this wasn’t enough I decided to get some virtual reality glasses, not the ultra expensive giga-bucks to ruin the economy kind but the cheap phone version. This is essentially just a plastic box where you stick your phone and you watch 3D stuff. Things like panoramic pictures, videos and the “piece de resistance” high quality CAD renderings.

Will have to expand on that on the next blog.


photo credit: Anders V "Read All About It" (license)