Monday 26 December 2016

Previous versions of software

Did you know you are entitled to get previous versions of software from Autodesk?
All the versions I need

                It’s a long shoot and most of us can’t want to jump on the latest and greatest so who would need to bloat up his drive with unneeded stuff?

                You all probably keep the old version around for 6 months after rolling up the new one but why would I install a previous version on purpose?

                My spare time job as help desk support engineer requires me to have all the version I can have really but would you?

                Just the other day I ran into this case where importing forerign cad data was not possible in 2017.3. It worked with one model at a time and it would popup the AnyCAD functionality rather than the good old translate import.

                I thought I could outsmart it and use the task scheduler but that failed to work and I keep getting errors no matter of the import procedure, reference vs conversion to inventor iam,ipt.

                That’s when previous version came in hand and I was able to use task scheduler from 2015 to automate the translation.

                It was only a small step to migrate them all to latest version with task scheduler of 2017.

                While I hope you never get the need to use a previous version here’s the info Autodesk has on the knowledge center.

                You can only access a version you had a license for and the number of copies must match whatever you had at the time when that previous version was current.

                It’s a bit more complicated really but that’s the general gist of it.

                In order to get a previous version license you need to login in to, or ask your account administrator to do it for you, expand the product you need and use the “Get Serial Number” link on that product. More info here


photo credit: CGP Grey Lord of the Dice (license)

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