Friday 16 December 2016

Default Model Orientation

Wish you could change Inventor default Z orientation?

You’re not the only one and I see that in general with people switching cad software or machinists used to have the Z pointing UP.

                The UCS is set in the template file, iam, ipt, ipn, but there is also a global setting in tools application options.

                Two ways you can change the default settings.

- right click on the view cube and choose Options

- click the “ViewCube” button in Tools / Application Options / Display Tab.

Application Options

ViewCube Options

On the ViewCube Options window in the Default ViewCube Orientation change Front View Plane and Top View Plane as you see best for your workflow. I assume you will choose “XY(+Z)” for Front and “XZ(+Y)” for Top but that might be different for you.

Now you can open the template files (iam, ipt, ipn) and change default orientation.

TIP: A quick way to change the template is to choose New, select your template, do the changes and the use the File / Save As / Save as Template. You will be redirected to the templates folder where you can override the template file you have opened.

Save As Template

The orientation in the template will be used when creating new files but if you use the Reset Front option on the viewcube, it changes as per the settings in the Application Options or ViewCube options.

On the view cube you can set a different orientation for front and top on the “Set Current View As” submenu but you can also use the Reset Front which will align it to the application options.

This will also affect the lights and shadows for studio and renderings so keep the page in your bookmarks for later on.

From now on when you deal with foreign models you can change orientation on the fly by resetting the view


photo credit: branestawm2002 Port William (license)

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