Monday 5 December 2016

Home Use License

Do you know you can take your software with you and use outside work?

I bet London will soon look like this

“Home Use Rights is a benefit available to Autodesk subscriptions with multi-user access and maintenance plan customers. The benefit provides licenses for home use and allows employees to install and activate the software program at a home location away from the office for work related to business, personal education, or for training needs.”

Home use rights and software eligibility can be read here but pretty much every software from Autodesk is there.
                Those of you with multi-user network license can either check out a license (borrow) or request a companion stand-alone serial number.
                If you have single-user access subscription you can just reuse your existing serial number.
                I am not saying you should and become a workaholic like me but it’s nice to know you can have the option if you ever feel too good to go to work or it’s a one off taking care of a sick child or just waiting for the gas inspector.



photo credit: _Hadock_ Endless homes (license)

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