Thursday 3 September 2015

Blog Boost Up

I’ve decided to increase my post sharing from once a week to at least two, God help for three but I hope I don’t burn a fuse and go quiet for a year.

                There will be more tips and tricks from Inventor in general as well as other cool things I like to share from Autodesk products or other sources. With such short deadlines I fear there will be a lot of contradictory and maybe incomplete/inaccurate info due to not having enough time for tests but I trust you will skim trough and get the best of it ignoring the garbage and ramblings.

            Now is the time for you to get loud: Anything you would like to know regarding Inventor?

I don’t know it all; just enough to be dangerous but if you take my warning and use the data with a lot of caution we might have enough info to keep us going.

I might need to specify the Inventor version used in tests because a lot of the issues might just be bugs or will be solved in future releases.

I will try and keep the info and videos short so you can go through it during your coffee or any other quick break from your routine.


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