Thursday 6 February 2014

Inventor advanced search

Continuing the videos on the mExtension add-on for Inventor I will show you how to use the Search function.
The function can be used to locate files based on their properties which the regular windows search command can’t find.
So you can search for any iPropertie field as well as “feature name” and “constraint name”. If you don’t know the file name of a model you can use this function to search within the models in order to locate it.
You can use, name, description, part number, or make your own custom search string.

Let’s try a search for all parts having “plate” as an exact match for description.

Will try a slightly different search for “plate” in any part of the description, so add * before an after plate.

The advanced find allows you to build a custom search based or pretty much anything you can think off.
I have added “ADS” as the author.

But I could have used any logical condition as bellow and you can use the + sign to set more conditions at same time.

 Mark what you are looking for, is it assemblies, parts, drawings, presentation files, feature name or constraint name like this

Make sure you specify the search path and if to include sub-folders or not.
On the results window you have the option to open the file, locate it on disk or highlight it in the assembly if you have one open containing your model.

You don’t need to have a model open to use the search function.
Let me know what was the most interesting search you’ve done, or most common use of the function.


Almost forgot the video:


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