Thursday, 13 February 2014

Inventor Student Edition Drawings

We have had this problem in the last company I was working, where we had student interns woking along. It's nice to be able to help them get some practice before going in full time jobs.

One of them decided to work from home for a week and when he returned we realized that he didn't had a proper Inventor license but a student edition. We had full licensed computers in the office and he could have used remote desktop but it seemed easier to work locally.

Now all the drawings would have the "Student Edition" stamp allover.


The solution in this case was "Inventor Viewer". If you print the drawings from Iventor viewer they don't have the "Student Edition" stamp anymore.

He saved a week's work in redmodeling the project by using Inventor Viewer.

I need to mention that you are responsible on how you use the data provided here. Buy a license and use the full product. If you brake the End User Agreement you are on you own.


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