Sunday 9 February 2014

Inventor mExtension drawings function

Next on the mExtension add-on is the “Drawings” function.
This function allows you to review drawing for current assembly and all its components. It provides you a list of existing drawing s as well as a list of models with missing drawings.

The most common use of the existing drawings window will probably be print and export. You can, for example, sort by drawing sheet size and print-export all A3 in one go or print-export all assembly drawings.

Like with any window of the mExtension you can copy paste the results in Excel for advanced reports and data manipulation.
In the missing drawings tab you can either mark components as “ND” (no drawing needed) or create a drawing on the go. Once you’ve used the “Create drawing” under the contextual menu the model is no longer on this list. 

With all of the components you can, open, locate in the assembly, locate on disk, or label “no drawing”.

The default name for save of a drawing made within the function is the name of the model in the main view.
I have changed the description for all Content Center Steel Shapes (box section, channels, bars, etc.) so my description contains the standard, its size and length so I don’t need to make a drawing for each and every one. Therefore I will label them all “no drawing”, and filter my list to exclude them. It just makes it easier to work with long lists and large projects.

Remember to refresh your list of existing drawings to include any new ones made within the missing drawings tab.


And the video:

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