Thursday 27 February 2014

Extract-Restore for Inventor on mExtenstion toolbar

Today I am going to discuss the extract-restore function on the mExtension toolbar.
Located on the mExtension toolbar the function can be used in two ways. You can extract parts of the project to test different variations in a separate folder and restore it back to the project if needed, or you can use it to restructure the project by moving subassemblies to separate folders.

                I know that I can use pack and go to collect parts of the projects but it doesn’t allow me to restore it back once finished and this function, as you will see, it’s much easier to use.
                All you have to do is select the models in the browser or in the graphical window and click Extract. Once you select the destination folder it will create a copy of the project file (I recommend rename it so we don’t mess up Inventor) and the folder structure of the selected components. It brings parts, drawings, and all referenced data with the extract.

                If you decide that the changes you have made are better and you need to insert back to the original project, just open the original project main assembly and after selecting the same components use restore to insert them back.
                A lot of the times in the prototyping phase I found myself running separate trails and thinking of different ways to solve a problem so I use the extract-restore to work on variations without changing the original model.
                The second way of using the function is to select a folder inside your project for the extract location.

 When pointing to a location inside your project is moves the selected components with all the references rather than copying so you can use it to put subassemblies on separate folders.

This is a quick way of cleaning up the project folder.

And the video of course:

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