Thursday 30 January 2014

Roate view with cube without "Zoom to Fit" option

Today I will highjack Jonathan Landeros post on “Changing the View Cube Zoom Behavior in Autodesk Inventor” or actually my response to his blog.
He was asked how to stop the “Fit-to-View” behavior when using the View Cube.
You can do that by right clicking on the cube and deselect “Fit-to-View on view change” in options as he points out.
I like the fit-to-window behavior but from time to time I do need to spin around a certain area , especially when working with large assemblies that take time to regen and update.
So the trick here is to select something in the window that you want to be your spinning reference. When selecting a part for example and use the view cube the window spins and fits in the window your current selection.

Go ahead and give it a try next time you work with large assemblies or when want to rotate locally.

That's it !
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