Tuesday 27 October 2015

Leader Text

I am having a déjà-vu and I bet you’re having it too. We just talked about hiding leaders on symbols, putting mask on texts and now we are discussing leader notes? What more can there be?

You all probably know about leader text and you use it already but did you know that you can have text on leader and it’s not just a play of words? If you didn’t know, keep on reading and if you did congrats because you can tick one more box on your Inventor Expert checklist.
Any element that has a leader like, balloons, texts, welding symbols, surface roughness, custom symbols, datum identifier, etc., allows you enter custom text on its leader.  This will only be available on the first part of the leader, not any of the landing segments or its vertexes.
                Once you’ve placed your symbol you can right click on the leader and on the contextual menu choose “Attach Text to Leader...”.  This will bring in the text dialog box where you can enter your text or even use part parameters or iproperties.
                Let’s look at some examples (and please don’t tell me the text doesn’t make sense; they are just examples ;).
Leader Text

Datum Identifier

Welding Note

Surface Roughness


Custom Symbol

Here’s a short animation in case you are too bored to read it all.

I hope you will use this trick if you aren't already and see you all next time.



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