Thursday 24 July 2014

Quick Properties and Shift Deselect

Short posts today on a couple of issues I had with Autocad.
                First tip is disabling the Quick Properties Window. If every time you select an object on Autocad you get a pop-up properties window then you’ve enabled the quick properties display option. What’s worse is that it doesn’t have a name or title so you can’t really tell what you've activated.

                You can type QPMODE and change it to 0.

                Or you can click on the customisation menu on the right down corner, add Quick Properties to the expanded menu and then click on the new icon to turn it on/off.

Here’s the help page description.

Saved in:
Initial value:
Sets the on or off state of Quick Properties palette.
Turns off the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects. When turned back on by clicking Quick Properties on the status bar, QPMODE is set to 1
Turns on the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects
Turns on the display of Quick Properties palette only for objects that are defined in the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor to display properties
Note When this system variable is set to a negative number, the feature is turned off but the value is retained.

                Second tip regards the wrong behaviour of shift to deselect objects. It seems Raster Design has an option to “Shift+Left Click to Image select”. The shift hijack can be turned off by typing IOPTIONS and deselecting the “Shift+Left Click to Image select” in the User Preferences tab.


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