Wednesday 9 July 2014

Autocad Object Slection

A while ago I posted a blog on the autocad selection tools and now I am returning a bigger list of options for Select command. Greg Battin has put a list together and I’ve decided to share it here.

“Options when selecting objects
When you are asked to “Select Objects: ” you have options.
before selecting objects when prompted to do so, (even in the above command) choose one of these options:
§  W for Window
§  L for Last
§  C for Crossing
§  BOX
§  ALL
§  F for Fence
§  WP for WPolygon (Window Polygon
§  CP for CPolygon (Crossing Polygon)
§  G for Group
§  A for Add
§  R for Remove
§  M for Multiple
§  P for Previous
§  U for Undo
§  AU for AUto
§  SI for SIngle
§  SU for SUbobject

§  O for Object”

Thank you Greg,


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