Thursday 31 July 2014

Locate folder for iLogic save as

Our design office uses vault for backup and history but the rest of the engineering department has it’s own folder on a mapped network drive. That’s where you’ll find contract specific files, as well as images, schedules, emails and literally anything that the project needs.
                So once a drawing is approved we get to release it to the engineering shared folder and need to place it in the project specific folders for dwf’s and pdf’s.
                This is a typical structure on the network of the engineering folder.
Root folder:
G:\Commercial & Engineering\Engineering\Contracts
where we have

each split in hundreds for better navigation  by contract number:
                then we go project number and then drawing folder and pdf folder.
G:\Commercial & Engineering\Engineering\Contracts\105281-Industrial\100-199\105281109 – Project Description\Drawing\PDF
                My task was to create/modify existing ilogic to save current drawing as dwf and pdf each in it’s folder on the G drive.

                Here’s the code I came up with:

' set the filepath of the contracts folder to start with.
strStartFolder = "G:\Commercial & Engineering\Engineering\Contracts\"
' get the filename without extension 
oFileName = ThisDoc.FileName(False)   
' get the project type by reading the first 
'6 digits of the filename EX 105280 or 105281 
strFolderType = ( Left (oFileName,6))  
' get the last 3 digits of the project no start 
'after first 7 digits of filename Ex 005 or 109 
strFolderNo = (Mid (oFileName,7, 3))  
'get the first 9 digits to compose project type 
'and number Ex 105281005 or 105281109 
strFolderProj = ( Left (oFileName,9))  
'get the document revision to use in the new filename 
oRevNum = iProperties.Value("Project", "Revision Number") 

'Set folder for project based on Contract No
If strFolderNo < "100" Then
strFolder3 = "\001-099\"
ElseIf strFolderNo >= "100" Then
strFolder3 = "\100-199\"
ElseIf strFolderNo >= "200" Then
strFolder3 = "\200-299\"
End If

'Find folder in start path that contains Folder Type string 
Dim dir1() As String = System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories _
(strStartFolder, strFolderType & "*")
'Add Contract No folder to our folder
Dim dir2 As String = String.Concat(dir1) & strFolder3

'Find folder in new path containing Folder Type 
Dim dir3() As String = System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories _
 (dir2, strFolderProj & "*")
'Add Drawing folder to our path
dir4 = String.Concat(dir3) & "\Drawing\"

'set name for the new files, adding revision to end
strNameDWF = dir4 & oFileName & "_Rev" & oRevNum
strNamePDF = dir4 & "PDF\" & oFileName & "_Rev" & oRevNum

'Do the save operation
ThisDoc.Document.SaveAs(strNameDWF & (".dwf") , True)
ThisDoc.Document.SaveAs(strNamePDF & (".pdf") , True)

MessageBox.Show("All file formats saved in: " & dir4, "File Save")

                Hope it makes sense; I did struggle with the code ( I am not a programmer) but Curtis Waguespack's website was inspiring.


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