Monday 3 October 2016

T&P Hoses P1 - BOM Structure

Do you include hoses and flexible tubing to your design? Are you thinking into taking your products to next level by adding this info to your design?

While we use them in our plant layouts we don’t really document them on the drawing but nonetheless there are some good practices as well as tips and tricks.

Will keep this simple and split it into separate blogs and for now the question is:

How can I show a hose assembly as single part?

We are not hose manufacturers so it would help to see the assembly in the Parts Only section of the BOM along with all the fittings, valves, conduits, all parts really to be purchased.

This needs editing the BOM and changing the “BOM Structure” field to one of these 2 options:

- Mark it as “Purchased”

-Mark it as “Inseparable”

For all my life I have been thinking about “Inseparable” items as welded, casted, glued, press fitted, riveted kind of items but it’s really just a way of grouping several parts in BOM.

“Purchased” it’s what I’ve been using and it’s a nice way of merging multiple parts as a single item. Think of skids, tanks, etc. or any assembly which you vendor has sent over and you consider that a single purchase / single item.

The advantages of keeping it or importing it as assembly rather than single part is you can play with Level Of Detail (LOD), Design View Representations or show different positional representations.

 In the Structured tab you can still expand and collapse it (if show all levels is active), edit the iproperties but now it shows up in the Parts Only section of the B.O.M.

At this point should mention that if you want to show the child components of the hose assembly you will change the BOM Structure to “Phantom”. This will promote the children and hide the subassembly; I use this all the time to group things together for less constraints, improved pattern, etc.

Changing Bom Structure type.

photo credit: Steel-braided hose (license)

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