Friday 21 October 2016

Drawing layers

                Do you use layers in Inventor drawings? Or do you consider them legacy, obsolete, pre cretaceous kind of animal?

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Last week we looked at showing hidden lines for buried components and now we look at a different method for doing that but with the additional benefits.

                When detailing pipe routes you can use the “Include Route Centerlines” command but if that view is a detail, section, cropped view you end up with a lot of extra lines. You can use this method to clean them up as well.
Include Route Centerlines, adds more than visible.

                Another good example is the worm gear bellow. I have an M10 hole on center and I can’t really show it properly. Top left to bottom right I have hidden lines view, normal view, hidden break out view, normal breakout view and yet not of them looks good enough.

Top left - Hidden Lines, Top Right - Normal,
Bottom Left - Hidden Break Out, Bottom Right - Normal Break Out

                What I tend to do is turn the hidden lines on for that view then edit the layers, where I turn off every one of them except Hidden and Hidden Narrow and save the style. Now I only have left the hidden lines which makes it so much easier to delete the extra stuff.
Turn layers off to help your selection.

                TIP: On the edit layers dialog window you can SHIFT select them all and when you click the light bulb the visibility changes to all at once.

                TIP: It’s much easier to do a window selection and select all and then hold down CTRL and deselect the view, and other curves that you need keeping. You can then use the Visibility on the right click menu to turn them off at once.

                And there you have it. Hope you’ll put this to good use and give layers a chance ; they are not used just for AutoCAD exports only.


photo credit: Eugen Naiman layers (license)

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