Wednesday 29 October 2014

Tube and Pipe: multiple selection change size

Thank you all for your votes, the idea was accepted and expect this to work with all CC center files. So from V2016 you should be able to select multiple CC files and do change size it should work for all
End Edit.

It's been a terrible week but I've managed to have anther post on the Inventor Idea Station so if you like it maybe you will cast a vote and get it promoted as new functionality.

Original post:
Haven't found this on the idea station. I am trying to get something similar as "replace should replace all selected components" but for tube and pipe elements.
When you do a run sometimes you need to change size of multiple fittings and pipes.
I don't mean change the style.
On a 2" run I can have a drain or sample valve and I need to change just those end fittings and pipes without affecting the whole run or without doing another separate run.

If you select multiple elements (content center items) there is no change size option. I have "CS" as change size shortcut but it only changes the first element selected.

 Again, if you like this maybe you will vote the change.


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