Wednesday 29 October 2014

Route centerlines for visible items only

I have searched and couldn't find a way of showing "Route Centerlines" just for visible components, not the whole runs, going up and down several floors.
So If you feel you have this problem maybe you want to vote for this on the idea station.

Here is a short description:

When doing a drawing with tube and pipe runs you can right click on the runs in the browser and select "include route centerlines" so you can dimension your drawing. Unfortunately it brings in all the centerlines instead of centerlines just for visible components. You then need to hunt and pick each centerline that you don't want and do right click "Visibility" to turn it off.

Can we have centerlines just for visible components please.

 So, if you have this problem maybe you want to give this a vote in the idea station and hopefully Autodesk will solve it.


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