Thursday 24 April 2014

Inventor Unistrut Frame Generator

A couple of friends asked me how I’ve done the unistrut frame in the image bellow, so today I will show you how to author structural members to be used in frame generator. I will admit that the size, part number, stock number or description were not important for this project. This was supposed to serve as a guide to our installer and I didn’t have to supply stock size or lengths for it.

                I will admit that the ipart model was downloaded from Charles Bliss’s website and the only thing I’ve done was to author it to content center so I can use it in frame generator.
                Another interesting fact was that for this project the skeleton for the frame was done in Tube and Pipe module with the “3D Orthogonal Route Tool”. It was much easier than building individual sketches on a skeleton part.

                Once downloaded the parts from all I’ve done was to verify that the iparts table was functional and without errors. Then have authored the ipart and published it to Content Center.
                I have allocated it to “Other” standard so I can find it easier in Frame Generator. There’s no “Moment of inertia” or “Section area” information just because I wasn’t interested in doing FEA and frame analyses and if you need them I would suggest doing the ipart from scratch from a proper catalog like the “Eaton Strut Sections”catalog.
                Steps to author and publish bellow and the published library next.

                I have done the library for download in case you find the exercise of authoring too boring.


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