Thursday 3 April 2014

Authoring tube and pipe fitting in Inventor

Today I am going to show you how to author and publish to Content Center a tube and pipe fitting. The thing I want to show you is how to push the ISOGEN code and description for the family items from Content Center.
If you author and publish a fitting, you will have the same ISOGEN description and code for all the family members. So the trick is to make it ipart first. That way you can create custom fields that can be linked to the ISOGEN fields and link back to content center as well.

The default author window is shown below and if you tryout you will see that you can only put a static value.

Once you make it a ipart and you add your custom fields you have them as a selection option in the author window.

After publishing to Content Center each family member can have different ISOGEN description and code.

And here’s the video as well.

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