Thursday 9 July 2015

Promote demote in Tube and Pipe

Trying to help out as usual, responded to a message from a friend on Autodesk Forum that needed help promoting and implementing this Idea :

David wants to be able to split a route into several runs. Does it make sense?

Here’s another way of explaining it:

The background is gas industry where everything needs documenting and you want to create separate drawings for each spool.
A spool is a collection of pipes, elbows, flanges, fittings, etc. that get welded together. We should be able to collect them in a run that has a proper BOM and can be documented in a drawing.

But that’s hard to do because you need to create all these little  routes, one per spool. 
His idea is to have a master route where you draw a single 3D sketch, populate it and then to be able to demote, promote parts and fittings into logical assemblies each forming a spool. 
A next step would be to demote several runs (spools) into one assemblies. Think of them as containers that will just hold the runs. The advantage of this being that if he changes the style in the container assembly then all the runs should change accordingly. This way you can change options like size on several spools (runs) at same time.

This got me thinking, of ways to do that right now since T&P is way back on the list of things to improve and implement for Autodesk.

The solution is rather long and for that I will post it in a separate blog. Hope there’s time for a video.
For now please head over to Idea station and vote for it. 

It’s a good idea and it needs your vote.

Expect a blog on all the T&P ideas out there, soon..


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