Friday 9 January 2015

Vault Project

                Vault has not been part of my CAD up until 18 months ago and everywhere I’ve been a project file for each job has been in place. Now we only use on project for entire CAD area and while I like that I don’t need to play with changing and managing projects I do miss a couple of things. It seems all I do is browser for files and it takes longer now to do nested projects so that I can create local editable CC items. I know there is global setting for placing CC as custom but I am taking about that special times when we need to generate all the tube and pipe elements locally which otherwise would go straight to default CC folder without a local generation option.

                Having one vault project will not take you to your work in progress (just latest used location), like if you had a project for each job. I can’t edit the vaulted ipj file without affecting the rest of my colleagues so the only reasonable thing to do was to create shortcuts for the most common and current projects I work on. Nothing fancy here, just good old windows shortcuts to save me from navigating folders all day.

                So when I open or place something I click on Workspace (if I am not already there) in the left side window and then on to my shortcuts for a speedy navigation.

The fastest way for creating shortcuts is to drag with your left mouse button while holding ALT pressed the destination folder into your Workspace.

                I would only recommend you to be careful when deleting shortcuts, make sure it’s just them you’re deleting.


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