Thursday 26 June 2014

Parts List with Thumbnails

                If you need to do a BOM report you can do that really easy from within the BOM but it doesn’t export thumbnails. For the engineer working on the project it might be easy to identify parts by description and part number but it’s almost impossible to others.
                There is a small addon on modthemachine that can do that, but it exports to Word because Excel doesn’t support embedded images in table cell. So instead of having floating images in Excel you can get embedded images in Word tables.
                The program creates a small icon in the Drawing environment Tools \ Report \ Thumbnail Parts List. In order to use it you need to place a parts list in the drawing. You don’t need to add any views, just go to Annotate \ Table \ Parts List.

                The addon will export whatever the Parts List displays, so it’s best to place the table with “All Levels” in the parts list window. Now you can expand and collapse levels, change description and chose different columns, play with filters, group settings and even type custom values just like I did on my washer.

                When you are finished customising the table use the report buttons under tools to generate a word document. Don’t use word while it’s working because it will generate the table in the current word session so don’t make other word windows active. You can check progress in Inventor lower left corner, status bar.

                When finished, you must save the word document because it doesn’t get save automatically.

                The addon and VBCode is on modthemachine website but I have attached it as well in case it gets pulled off.


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