Friday 19 June 2015

Compare drawing sheets

We had this weird problem the other day and deciding to investigate some more resulted in this post being created because it seemed helpful.
                Looking through our Vault I found one drawing that had not been dated and approved. So I open the drawing with AutoCAD and to my surprise it was signed and dated. I double checked on the physical copy that we file and confirmed that it has been singed and approved.
                Somehow in the publish process AutoCAD has messed up the dwf so Vault preview image would not see this changes. Not knowing what else might have been omitted I decided to compare the drawings and for speed and accuracy I choose to let the computer do this while I, like a good manager I am, supervised the process!
                The only way to compare files was trough Design Review so hit right click in vault on the drawing preview image and select “Open in Autodesk Design Review”. We are now ready to compare and it can only be done against other dwf/dwfx files.

                Open the drawing in AutoCAD and exported the file to dwf then I was able to use the Compare Sheets command in Design Review.

                By default any addition will be shown in green and deletion in red but you can change those colors if you want in the Options part of the Open window dialog.

                Luckily that was the only difference and after checking the drawing back in it all updated. You don’t need to use check out/in and you can just click on Update View in Vault to make it current.


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