Wednesday 11 March 2015

Inventor Collapse Form Groups

I have been doing a guest post on Chris Benner’s blog ( ) so there was little time left but enough for a short post. Check back on Chris’s blog to see my post on how to edit routes, dynamically or not.

Do you use ilogic? Forms? Groups? I use forms a lot and in particularly I have this tank template where you get to choose size, type, connections and iproperties. Because I designed to allow 20 connection (max I thought it might be) it’s getting hard to navigate the form and scroll all the time so I wondered how to make the Groups collapse by default.

If you try to collapse them then editing the form or when running the form they don’t stay collapsed so the trick here was to “Allow Control Resizing”.

Edit the form and on the first item (form name) in the lower pane (Properties) you have the “Allow Control Resizing” that you must have it as “True”. While you’re here I would recommend that you change “Modal” to “False” so you can do other things (like measure) while the form is displayed otherwise you can only work on the form and you need to close it to run other Inventor commands.

Now that the Allow Control Resizing is True you close the form editor and you run the form then you can right click anywhere on it and choose “Resize Controls”.

Collapse all the groups then right click again and choose “Exit Control Resize”. Now you can save the file and the next time you open it the form will be nicely compacted as default.

And a short video:


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